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With the scheduler tool, you can schedule your routine tasks better. Some of the many important tasks you can perform is the option to open a file in its default programming mechanism and restart or shutdown your computer. You also enjoy the benefit of minimizing the main window to the system tray. Likewise, users of Scheduler have complemented it for its support to alarm clock, or reminding to shut down the PC at any set time, after they have completed their remaining duties.
The tool is special in its own sense since it is easy to operate, and is convenient for all types of users. Furthermore, you won’t find anything quite like the Scheduler on the net – for free – that lets you open a web page, a file or shut down the PC. The software is also great in providing support to numerous scheduled tasks that can be seen in a single list. Additionally, the tool is very small in size and utilizes very few computational resources. So stop thinking if your PC is too old for it, and that it will not support the software, because it most likely will, and with ease.
Therefore, no matter if you are a student, a housewife, engineer, doctor or a regular office worker, if you care to excel at computational efficiencies, choose the Scheduler.


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Version :1.2
Dernière mise à jour :9/2/2012
Les Systèmes d'Exploitation Pris en Charge : Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 98, Windows 95, En savoir plus...
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Développeur :Genericom
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